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If you'd like your Woodland puppy or relation on the website......email to gldnkel@aol.com



Shiloh (Cutter ex Liza)


Reagan (Hank ex Mia) 1 yr

Sawyer 1 yr (Eddie ex Sundae)

Luna (Eddie ex Sundae) 1 yr

Charlie (Chaos ex Kerry)

Hobbs (Chaos ex Kerry)

Eddie (Chaos ex Kerry)

Reagan (Hank ex Mia) Orange girl

Sawyer (Eddie ex Sundae) and Ty (Cutter ex Taffy)

Ty (Cutter x Taffy) and Sawyer (Eddie x Sundae)

Zoe (Hank ex Mia) red girl

Ozzie (Eddie ex Sundae) green boy



Misty Mae (Hank ex Mia) Black girl

Sancho (Eddie ex Sundae) blue pattern boy










Sawyer (Sundae ex Eddie) orange boy

Zoe (Hank ex Mia) Red Girl

Luna (Eddie ex Sundae) pink girl


Luna (Eddie ex Sundae) red girl

Kefi (Eddie ex Sundae) purple girl

Murphy (Eddie ex Sundae) blue boy

Callie ( Cutter ex Taffy) - 7 yrs

Rowan (Cutter ex Pacificgold's Colby's Alliance )

Hobbs (Chaos ex Kerry)  yellow boy

Macey (Chaos ex Kerry) red girl

Lucy (Chaos ex Kerry) pink girl

Oliver (Brubeck ex Taffy)

Brady (Cutter x Sundae)

Flutter (Chaos ex Kerry) purple boy

Indy (Cutter x Mia - green boy)


Mason (Cutter x Mia - blue boy)

Kona (Cutter x Mia - red boy)

Brady (Cutter x Sundae) - orange boy

Rex (Cutter x Sundae) - red boy

Cody (Cutter x Sundae) - green boy

Karch (Newton x Kerry red boy)









Agave (Newton x Kerry)

Strider (Fred x Erin)

Bowie (Newton x Kerry)

Graham (Newton x Kerry)


Ellie (Newton x Kerry)

Baxter (Newton x Kerry) & Charlie (Chester & Trouble)

Eliza (Newton x Kerry)

Abby (Newton x Kerry)

Dylan (Newton x Kerry)

Sammy (Newton & Kerry)

Charlie (Chaos x Kerry)

Bowie (blue boy Burke x Sundae)

Sonny (yellow boy Burke x Sundae)

Axl (Newton & Kerry)










Husker (Burke x Sundae)  aka Peanut!

Hailey (red girl Burke x Sundae)

Bella (pink girl  Burke x Sundae)

                    Rowan (Cutter x Crystal) 8 mos

                 Happy 11th Birthday Kinta (Soccer x Brice)


                              Levi (Cutter x Taffy)

Mickey - Yellow Boy (Newton x Kerry 09)


Shaina (Newton x Kerry 09)

Karch - red boy (Newton x Kerry 09)


Bowie (Newton x Kerry 09)

Eddie (Newton x Kerry 09)

Abby (Newton x Kerry 09)

Bowie -Green Boy (Newton x Kerry 09)

Ellie - Pink Girl (Newton x Kerry 09)




Marley (Chester x Trouble)

 Max - No Mark (Kerry x Newton 09)

Abby - Orange Girl  ( Newton x Kerry 09)

Baxter - Blue Boy  (Newton x Kerry 09)

Action (Cutter x Sasha) aka Mr. Malibu

Ranger  (Cutter x Laira)

Sandy (Luke x Brice) - 8 yrs old

Marley (Chester x Trouble)

Charlie (Chester x Trouble)

Eliza (Newton x Kerry)








Gracie (Newton x Kerry)


Jordy (Brooks x Erin)

Kinta celebrating Birthday #10 (Soccer x Brice)

Mia (Sounder x Taffy)

Grace Kelly (Newton x Kerry)

Ginger (Sounder x Taffy)

Abba (blue girl, Sounder x Taffy)

Sierra (Austin x Lily)

JJ (Newton x Kerry) Blue boy

Cooper (Newton x Kerry)

Sammy (Newton x Kerry)

Callie (Cutter x Taffy)

Sammy (Newton x Kerry) Green boy

Cooper (Newton x Kerry) Purple boy

Eliza (Newton x Kerry) green girl

Charlie (Chester x Trouble)

Gracie (Newton x Kerry) red girl

Axl (Newton x Kerry)

Axl (Orange Boy) - Newton x Kerry

Sobe  (Brubeck x Taffy)

Marley (Chester x Trouble)

Dudley (Blue Boy) Chester x Trouble

Dudley (Blue Boy) Chester x Trouble

Charlie (OrangeBoy) Chester x Trouble

Marley (Chester x Trouble) green boy

Summer (Red Girl Chester x Trouble) & Travis (Cutter x Taffy)

Duffy (red boy)

Charlie (Cutter x Taffy)


10 y/o Molly (Patrick & Brice) and

 Maggie (Pink girl Chester x Trouble)

Maggie (Chester x Trouble)

Sobe (Brubeck x Taffy)

Trevor (Cutter x Taffy)

Gracie (Brubeck x Taffy)

Lucy (Taffy & Cutter)

Patti (Taffy & Cutter)

Bembi (puppy)(Trouble & Austin)    

Cody (Trouble & Austin)

Honey (Trouble x Austin)

Berkeley (Trouble & Austin)

Berkeley (Trouble x Austin)

Cody (Trouble & Austin)


Cutter & Taffy

Nemo (Trouble & Austin)

Nemo & friend (Trouble & Austin)


Alice (Lily & Austin)

Daisy (Lily & Austin)

Sierra (Lily & Austin)

Berkeley (Trouble  & Austin)

Berkeley (Trouble& Austin)

Charlie (Cutter x Taffy)

Callie (Cutter x Taffy)

Honey (Trouble x Austin)

Sierra (Trouble x Austin)

Charlie (Taffy x Cutter)